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Case studies


Big Bear has been actively involved in construction vehicles for more than 15 years. Today the growth in demand from the BRIC markets has seen Big Bear working hard to support its customers as markets rapidly expand across all sectors.

A number of new programs have been awarded to Big Bear for a variety of different products, from fenders to under bonnet applications as well as both interior and exterior components.

Big Bear is not only called upon for our extensive knowledge of materials to ensure products are fit for purpose, but also more and more Big Bear is required to look at the integration of a number of individual components and to bring them together in order to providing a cost effective systems solution approach to engineering .

New materials such as unbreakable Bearex* (only from Big Bear in the UK) are now in production and will greatly improve the robustness of the components in areas of potential impact damage. This material offers high levels of impact resistance, excellent gloss, temperature and UV stability levels and importantly, a lower cost solution.

The potential for further growth in this most demanding of markets as well as other construction, civil engineering and heavy industry sectors continues to grow, with Undersea, Roads and Pipelines projects all currently underway.