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Big Bear has been a key supplier to the Aerospace industry for over a decade, working closely with airline seating suppliers to help develop the very latest components in airline seat styling, sophistication, quality and technology.

Big Bear works with the major material suppliers, including Bolteron, Kydex and Sabic, to select the ideal materials for moulding, as well as the key seating manufacturers in assembling a huge range of seating and associated seating components, including tray and IFE components. Big Bear has successfully contributed to the development and manufacture of lighter weight seats, addressing the need of all carriers to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions. These new lightweight seats have just been rolled out across Monarch Airline’s fleet of aircraft. In addition to Monarch Airlines, Big Bear are currently working in collaboration with a number of seating manufacturers, refurbishers and suppliers, who are today supplying into many of the major airlines across Europe and North America.