RoofaRack is the ultimate solution for the singe-handled transportation of large sheet building materials such as 8x4 plasterboard and ply.

Until now, builders would have to transport these cumbersome and unwieldy sheets in the back of their vans, taking up much needed van space, not to mention time, in securing the sheets with ropes and straps or wrestling with tarps in the rain! Often, the sheets arrive at their destination damaged and unusable.

The RoofaRack is a lightweight roof box designed specifically to address this problem, by experienced builders Richard Ottaway and Gary Knight. Having struggled with moving materials around for many years, Richard and Gary came up with the ingenious idea of a dedicated box especially designed to carry frequently used builder’s materials, on top of, instead of inside the van.

The RoofaRack’s waterproof, lockable compartments ensure materials are kept safe, dry and undamaged. There are 2 integrated pipe holders and 3 roof bars on the top for attaching ladders and steps etc.

Despite its size it is incredibly lightweight, weighing only 43kg, making it easy to fit to both small and large vans with a simple U-bolt system, and is ISO crash tested.

The RoofaRack is British-manufactured by thermoforming experts Big Bear Plastic Products Ltd in Droitwich, Worcester. Big Bear operate highly specialised machines with the capability of moulding parts up to 3.5m by 2.5m.