Big Bear have invested heavily in a new production line to improve efficiency in moulding LWRT (Lightweight Reinforced Thermoplastic) parts.

The new plant includes:

  • 250 tonne fast action press which stands over 7 metres tall
  • Bespoke twin sided heating oven with fast action in/out tray
  • Robotic 5 axis, 3D water jet cutting facility

LWRT materials are lightweight, with a high strength to weight ratio, and offer superior acoustics. They are ideally suited for interior trim applications such as Headliners, Door Panel Inserts, Pillar Trim, Seat Backs, Load Floors, Trunk Linings and Parcel Shelves.

Big Bear work with a select number of valued partners to ensure we are offering our customers the most appropriate grade of LWRT substrate materials together with a wide choice of fabric cover materials. We can offer luxury feel with options for bespoke colour matching, stitching and embroidery as well as more functional, hardwearing fabrics.