Big Bear bring new lightweight materials to rolling stock…

Big Bear is a highly experienced manufacturer of technical thermoformed components and is delighted to present this technology to the rail sector, with the latest materials to be developed especially for rail interior applications:

seat shells – window surrounds – side walls – dividers – literature pockets – tray tables

These new flame-retardant materials are:

  • Compliant to EN45545 to HL1, HL2 and HL3
  • Weight Saving vs metal and GRP
  • Recyclable
  • Colour matched (no painting) and choice of textures
  • Safe failure mode (compared with GRP sharp edges)
  • Outstanding dent and damage resistant

Big Bear operates a large, privately owned factory in Worcester, and works in partnership with material suppliers based in Europe and USA, providing a full service from design through to prototyping and production manufacture.

The new material provides an alternative for metal and GRP, costing up to 25% less than GRP and half the weight of Aluminium, offering lower weight, recyclability and improved aesthetics.

Manufacturing train interiors with this material creates new possibilities for design freedom and finishing. Colour matching negates the need for secondary processes such as paint which also provides additional weight and cost savings. The colour is through the material meaning scratches are less visible.

The material is highly impact resistant and will resist scratches from luggage through to major impact from galley carts.  It can be processed in a variety of textures, along with an anti-graffiti cap which allows easy cleaning.

Big Bear’s manufacturing process is quick, providing additional decarbonisation advantages. It also uses low-cost tooling. Big Bear use aluminium tooling with integrated temperature control systems, guaranteed for the life of the part.

About Big Bear

Big Bear Plastic Products Ltd is a privately owned British manufacturer located in the West Midlands, specialising in the design, development, prototyping and production of medium to large size components, using vacuum-forming and compression-moulding technology. Big Bear supply many sectors; aviation, rail, construction, agriculture and leisure, delivering high quality parts, on time.

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